Parts and Services for Vintage Saabs

NEW! Liftime All Silicone V4 Valve Cover Gaskets!


Books and Technical Manuals

Trying to find out more about your beloved V4 Saab? From historical research guides to nuts-and-bolts repair and service manuals, Jack Ashcraft has written it all! Easy to follow, yet highly detailed, these books and tech manuals should be on every V4 owner's bookshelf. A must have!

Special Kits!

Trouble finding spares for your vintage V4 Saab? These specially engineered kits replace no longer available parts. Designed and constructed for Jack's very own cars, these kits provide you with step-by-step instructions that make the job simple and quick. Everything has already been thought of!


Get rid of that annoying wind noise and keep your carpets dry! These engineered weatherstrip kits use specially molded high pressure rubber seal material that duplicates the original Saab design and shape. Offered for Sonett V4, Sonett III, 96 Sedans, and 95 Wagons. Better than original!

Sheet Metal Parts

Is your Sonett or 96 falling apart at the seams, literally? These sheet metal parts for Sonetts, 96s, and 95s are stamped on high tech CNC operated press and breaks, using thicker 18-gauge sheet metal that helps to stiffen your Saab in critical areas, while maintaining the original shape and dimensions of factory parts. Better than original!

High Performance V4 Parts

Find all the hottest high performance V4 parts for street and track. Heavy duty components and hours of experienced hand labor give you the ability to bolt-on horsepower and torque. Real world power without sacrificing everyday driveability! Jack uses these components on his street and race cars, with over 25 years of championship winning success to his credit!

Restoration Services

Always wanted to have a Sonett or 95/96 in as new or better shape? No time or tools to do it yourself? Take a look at the picture archive of cars that have just been delivered to their happy new owners. Take a look inside the shop, up-close. See the progress of Jack's latest reostoration projects. Interested? Look inside for more details.


Jack and His Cars

Meet Jack and learn about his favorite Saab's. Shows Jack on the track, in the shop, and on the drawing board. Three of his favorite places to be!


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