High Performance Parts For Vintage Saabs

Since Jack first began his association with Saab's back the early sixties, so began his love of hot rodding and racing vintage Saab's. With over three decades of championship winning racing, and high performance driving, Jack knows what it takes to extract power from the V4 Ford engine, reliably.

All of these parts have been proven during years of racing in Jack's own cars. Proper testing and evaluation was done during street, autocross, hillclimb, and rally competition. He's not making you the Guinea Pig!



Super Stock V4 Engines

Better than original! These rebuilt engines are offered in both 1500 and 1700cc size. Heavy duty components like high flow oil pump, chrome moly rod bolts, light flywheel, Weber 34 ICH carb, and Isky F4 camshaft, make this little V4 rev higher and safer than stock. Puts out 100hp at 5,000 rpm, and retains a flat torque curve for real world driving. Call for more details.






To see horsepower and torque curves, click on the engine above: 


Super Street V4 Engines

Need more power? These rebuilt engines are offered in both 1500 and 1700cc size. Built with the same heavy duty components as the Super Stock engines, but with 2-bbl Weber Carburetor & Manifold. These fire breathers put out 120hp. Perfect for the Sonett owner wanting to go racing, or just blow off those pesky CRX's and GTi's!






To see horsepower and torque curves, click on the engine above: 


Big Valve/Port Cylinder Heads

For true bolt on horsepower, these big valve and big port cylinder heads are a must! Hours of machine shop work and tedious hand labor let these heads flow 30% better than the restrictive stock heads. All new components are used throughout including valves, lightweight retainers, high rev valve springs safe to 7,000rpm, and hand ported intake and exhaust ports. A true 10hp gain over stock with a single barrel, and 15hp gain when used with a 2-bbl carburetor. Offered for both 1,500 (4002A) and 1,700cc (4003A) engines.




$849 pair




Weber 32/36 DGV Carburetor master kit

The best carburetor upgrade for added power, increasing economy, and smooth daily driving! This 32/36 Weber is the same carb used by Formula Ford racers for years, ensuring a long supply of jets and replacement parts. When combined with the 2-bbl manifold listed above, this combo increases power 10-12 horsepower, but also fattens up the torque curve where these little engines are used most. For racers, this carb doesn't suffer the annoying flat spots and hesitation of a large single barrel carb. Offered as a complete master kit with two barrel intake manifold, air filter/cleaner, manual choke, 4011 throttle link, and heavy duty fuel filter.






Isky Camshaft Kits

For anyone trying to get more power out of their V4 these performance camshafts are a must! Isky grind F4 cam (4006) offers nice 5 hp gain on the top end, but dramatically fattens up mid range torque. F66 cam (4007) is better suited for fast street or track use. A good 8-10 hp gain over stock on the top end. Pulls strong to 7,000rpm. Lifter set included.




$219 exchange

your core required


Lightweight Flywheel Kit

Let your engine rev easier and higher with one of these lightened flywheel kits. By machining nearly 5 pounds off the stock unit, your V4 will have better pickup, and allow 7,000rpm. Will not affect idle quality! Comes complete with new high quality flywheel bolts.




$100 core


Magnacore Plug Wires

Super high quality plug wires feature thick 8.5mm silicone jacket and thick insulating boots for increased life during high temperature operation. Wires are exact lengths, avoiding the bundle of snakes look. We have used these on our street and race cars for years. Simply the best we have found! Cap and separators are additional cost.





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Please order carefully. There are no returns on parts ordered from this document. If the price list indicates a core charge, in most cases because of shortages of rebuildable used parts, we will require you to ship us your useable core before we will release the rebuilt part for shipment. In all cases shipping is extra. We ship UPS Ground Trac, and UPS 3-Day Air.